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IntuPBX brings you packages as per your business needs. Choose a plan that is suitable for your business.

£250.00 month / server


£50 - Monitoring nagiOS
Unlimited DIDs
Unlimited Support
Unlimited Tenants
Highly Scalable
CRM Integration
Customer Portal Included
£80.00 month


Centralized Billing
Automated CDR Collection
Discount Plans
Online Payments
Unlimited Support
Multi-level Tax Management
Unlimited Reporting
£100.00 month


Web-based Softphone
CRM Integration
Office 365 Integration
Centralized Contacts
SMS Integration
Call Notes
Unlimited Support
£50.00 month

Customer Portal

Call History
User Management
Team Management
DID Management
Unlimited Support

Android & iOS

Auto Provisioning
Smart Contacts
High-Quality Audio
Acrobits Partners

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Yes, if you are looking for high availability, it is better if servers are in distinct data centres.

No, only load sharing via DNS round-robin is supported out of the box. If you want to achieve load balancing, you need some external appliance or software, like lbnamed for example or something more advanced such as the Linux Virtual Server project.

It depends on a number of factors, with the most important factor being the features used. On an average PBX office usage, you need a processor core every 300/400 phones.

Sure, you can start with a single server and add more servers as your business grows.

Yes, clients are using intuPBX to provision Panasonic, Cisco, Grandstream and Yealink phones.

Yes, it is simply a matter of writing a few rows in a table.

It is stored in the database, along with all other information.

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