Most advanced multitenant PBX developed to provide high quality and value added services

Giving SMBs and Telecom Service Providers a powerful platform to serve the IP-PBX market in the cloud.

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Why intuPBX?

intuPBX is a flexible and highly scalable solution that will put your business in the best possible position for future growth.

Multi-tenant PBX

intuPBX is capable of serving multiple distinct clients with a single instance. In other words, each client has a dedicated PBX, but all of them share the same server and the same instance. With a Multitenant architecture, intuPBX is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration, and each client works with a customized virtual application instance. Using the same instance for all the clients is really a cost and resource saving solution.

  • Unlimited tenants.
  • Unlimited extensions.


A multilevel authorization and privilege system allows you to define admin, tenant users or resellers.

Scalability, High Availability

The intuPBX can be hosted on a single server or it can be ran on multiple servers achieving both Scalability and High Availability. Each component of the system can be ran on a distinct server and you can increase the overall capacity and resilience by just adding more servers. Each server can be used by any client, so you can power off any server of the pool without disrupting the services. No info is stored in the single server, as all the data is pulled from the database servers. A smart caching system, if needed, will save on bandwidth and database servers' CPU power.

Secure VOIP

The intuPBX is ready to use all the secure protocols to guarantee you will never be wiretapped by using SRTP and SIP over TLS.


Our VoIP experts are always ready to answer to your questions and to help you to solve any of the problems you can find in running your business.


intuPBX is a full-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for SMBs and Telecom Service Providers. Take advantage of powerful UC features, including presence, instant messaging, conferencing and mobility. It simplifies the way a business communicates, anywhere, anytime.

Least Cost Routing

Outbound communications traffic to different vendors based on cost.

Encryption of audio

Worried about people listening to your calls over the Internet? No problems, intuPBX supports SRTP Encryption using AES cipher and SIP over TLS for complete security.

Complete Rest API

It is simple to place, transfer, list or hangup a call using an HTTP based API.

Call forwarding and call through

Call forwarding to your mobile phone has never been so easy. Call through allows you to make business calls using your mobile phone while still showing your office number to your clients.

Voicemail to email

intuPBX sends you voicemail and call notifications via email. Listen to your voicemail on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Call recording

All calls can be recorded automatically, with no user intervention. Automatic recording can be enabled on all external and/or internal calls for all extensions or just for selected extensions.

Hunt groups

Organize phones in hunt groups to have them ring one after another. Specify the ring time for each phone individually. You can also include external phones.

Custom music on hold

Upload your own music on hold in .mp3 or .wav.

Web interface available in many languages

Currently these are English, German, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian.

Conference rooms

Setup conference room and let multiple users connect on a conference call by dialing a Number and using a PIN. You can always record the conference.

Auto provisioning

Auto-provisioning or auto-configuration is an easy and time-saving way to configure IP-phones for IP-PBXs. intuPBX makes centralized phone configuration possible, which saves a lot of time and money.

Auto attendant

Our simple to configure autoattendant is the front door to your company. Set up time of day schedules, play different menus and announcements for different call types and offer a customised treatment of marketing messages and music to your callers appropriate to the brand of business unit they have called.

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Comparison with traditional phone systems

intuPBX Traditional phone systems
Licence fees It can be rented on a monthly basis or
you can get a never expiring license.
One license per user
Number of parallel calls Unlimited Limited
Supported phones free choice only the PBX manufacturer's phones
Scalability Just add more phones, tenants, resellers Additional licence
Easy configuration No expert staff needed Expert staff required
Hardware Hardware independent Proprietary hardware
Location Onsite or Cloud Hosted Onsite
Connectivity SIP / ISDN / Analog ISDN / Analog