Here are few reasons
why our customers choose our platform


That’s what we are proud of; multi tenancy. Client can add unlimited tenants and extensions on single instance. Every client will have customized application interface.


You can create and manage admin, users, and resellers through a multi-authorization system.

Web API's

Using the globally-recognized REST API, you can perform all call functions quickly.


Run your services on a single or multiple servers. Add/ remove as many as you require. No service interruption if you power off any server.


Integrated with The Hub, Customer Portal, and other leading CRM Portals. Better integration means faster and reliable conversations.


Our Support Team is always available during working hours for complimentary technical assistance as per our SLA.

We are not limited to just providing a PBX. Rather, we take interest to boost your customer relations (and ultimately productivity) by offering a unified communication solution.

Unified Communication Solution To Enhance Your
Customer Experience

Client Collaboration

The Hub provides you platform to collaborate with your client instantly in either way, call or messaging. Invite the client and share screen.

Team Conversations

Reach out to every colleague across the teams and work onboard to increase work-efficiency.

Better Integration

Our UC solution can be integrated easily with your existing work portals.

Centralized Telecom Billing Management To
Ensure Conflict-less Invoices

Billing Portal

NEON is your billing solution to cover all of your telecom processing. Your customers get professional PDF invoices based on their billing mode i.e., prepaid, post-paid, recurring billing or usage-based billing.

Rate Management

Manage your vendors and customers based on the rate. Generate LCR and rate lists based on your routing policies. Enhance customer participation with rate alerts notifications.

Support Ticket Management System

NEON makes your support faster and meaningful. With its multi-channel system, your support team conveys the query to the concerned department and ensures quick resolution.

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