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Centralized Billing

Collect CDR automatically from multiple sources whether it is FTP, VOIP Gateways, or CSV and bring all data into NEON to generate single multi-services invoice.

Rate Generator

Generate your customer rate table and negotiate with the clients accordingly.

Discount Plans

Set up inbound and outbound discount plans. Monitor current usage of discount plans.

LCR Lists

Make your negotiation better by sorting your LCR lists based on vendors and your routing policy.

Fraud Alert

Secure your telecom system and get the instant alert in case of any suspected / fraudulent activity found.

Client Portal

For your clients to view their data e.g. invoices, payments, CDRs, rates and make payments so you can be paid on-time.

Rate Management – Negotiate With Vendors and Customers Better

With NEON, you relieve your sales teams from manual rate lists. Rather, generate vendors and customers lists based on rate.

With its rate management feature, your team can:

  • Create unlimited rate tables.
  • Prepare LCR lists to help you in negotiation.
  • Sort your vendors and customers list based on the rate.
  • Update your customers about the rate with a single click.
  • Send detailed notification to customers.

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How intuPBX with NEON is a Complete Solution For Service Providers?

NEON covers your retail business that grows rapidly every day. Here are some features of its retail billing that will help you manage every aspect of your retail customers.

  • Live monitoring dashboards to keep you updated about calls data, invoices, and expenses.
  • Automatic CDR collection with an option to upload manual CDR.
  • Pre-paid and post-paid account management such as credit control, discount plans, and account block etc.
  • Automatic invoice verification and scheduling.
  • Automated balance and payment reminders.
  • Multi-levels tax management in the invoice.
  • Integrated with major payment gateways.
  • Multi-currency support.

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