Complete Decentralized Architecture

Experience ZERO Security Breach And Redundancy At Every End

Decentralized Architecture

intuPBX is built with the core concept in mind; No service failure at any point. Therefore, its architecture has been decentralized to ensure smooth service no matter how much servers and tenants are connected to the system.  Whichever of its components you use, you will experience immediate retrieval due to its distributed architecture.

A "five nines" (99.999%) service uptime

The approach of intuPBX to the service uptime is simple: eliminate every Single Point of Failure by enabling multiple servers to perform the same function from a user point of view and letting the users automatically choose one of the working servers. Having multiple servers providing the same service let you increase the overall capacity just by adding more servers to the pool.


Essential intuPBX Components

Asterisk Server

The client can connect to any of the Asterisk servers. All services (calls, IVR, voicemails, and conferences, etc.) will function in the same manner no matter where the peers are registered. Change of server can be done quickly and the new calls will be routed to the new server automatically.

Database Server

Database is stored in secure MySQL servers. Each server stores ALL info (along with replication on multiple servers) so there is no fear of Data Loss in case of any DB server crash. All Asterisk and Web servers can retrieve, update, and sync the info.

Web Server

Our web interface is PHP-based so all the data is stored in the database. All configuration and monitoring data can be accessed and replicated on multiple servers.

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